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Success comes from a combination of skill and motivation, the last of which begins with setting goals. You cannot have one without the other, which means that even if you are incredibly talented, you will never be able to maximize your potential without a plan and guidance in the right direction. This theory applies to everything from academic success to sports performance. Simply put, setting goals is crucial to accomplishing great things in life.

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When it comes to fitness, well-defined goals give us focus and the incentive to visualize ourselves reaching them, and a plan of action provide us structure to makes these a reality.

If you’ve got a goal to reach and the motivation to be successful, then we’ve got the plan. The following fitness challenge is a step-by-step, 30-day workout program that will help you torch fat and sculpt your body as you move your fitness game forward, day by day, week by week!

The Workout


  • BW (body weight)

  • BB (barbell)

  • DB (dumbbell)

  • KB (kettle bell)

  • r (reps)

  • h (hold)

Supersets: In this case, performing a superset means that instead of resting in-between each exercise for 30 seconds, you continue straight to the very next exercise without stopping (taking a 10-second break if you must).

Then, once you’ve finished both exercises, rest for one full minute before going on to the next set of exercises.

So for example, on Day 18 (when the supersets begin!), you’ll want to do leg presses immediately followed by bodyweight jump squats. Then rest for a full minute before moving on to your lateral pull-downs and bent-over rows.

Other things to keep in mind:

  • Always warm up before workout (5 minutes minimum)

  • Ensure that you leave yourself enough time for a proper cool down (5 min. Minimum)

  • Stretch after every workout

  • If you don’t maintain form through the reps then adjust weight accordingly.


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