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Alternatives To That Boring Treadmill Cardio

When it comes to conditioning and fat burning cardio, most people turn to the old boring treadmill or stationary bike. The good news is, you actually don't have to jump on a machine for hours and hours at the gym to get the results you want. Here are some ways to put in the work regardless of your fitness level. Choose one or a few that you enjoy the most!

FASTED CARDIO: Target the body's stubborn fat stores by performing a low intensity activity (Ex: light jog, fast walk, Stair Master for 30 mins) while in a fasted state such as first thing in the morning.

*This is a great option for people who enjoy waking up early in the morning and low intensity workouts.

*I recommend consuming BCAAs prior to your cardio session to prevent muscle loss.

TABATA: This type of training is a high intensity interval training (HITT) workout, featuring exercises that lasts only four minutes. Not only is this workout crazy challenging but its also quick!

*This is a great option for people with limited time and are up for a challenge.

*Download any Tabata timer app on your phone and try this full body one:


:10 – Get ready :20 – Work Jumping jacks Tuck jumps :10 – Rest :20 – Work Squats Jump squats :10 – Rest :20 – Work Mountain climbers High Knees :10 – Rest :20 – Work Side shuffles Jumping lunges :10 – Rest :20 – Work Alternating backward lunge Mountain climbers :10 – Rest :20 – Work Bicycle crunch One legged burpee :10 – Rest :20 – Work Superman One legged burpee :10 – Rest :20 – Work Leg raises Jumping jack squats

HITT or High Intensity Interval Training: Just like Tabata training, this fat burning powerhouse consist of short and intense exercises paired with a short recovery period. This is considered the most effective way to torch fat since your body stays a metabolic machine even after you are done your workout.

*This is a great option for people who want to be effective with their time and are willing and enjoy to challenge themselves!

*You can use a tabata timer for this as well and adjust your own challenge level!

Beginner: 20 sec work - 40sec- 1 min sec rest

Intermediate: 30 sec work - 30 sec rest

Advanced: 40 sec work - 20 sec rest

WORKOUT 1: 10 rounds of sprints/light jog (Advanced)

WORKOUT 2: 7 rounds of incline fast walk/normal level walk (Beginner)

WORKOUT 3: 10 rounds of stationary bike high resistance/low resistance or high speed/low speed

CROSS-TRAINING: This approach to training consists of combining various exercises to work different parts of the body and more than one aspect of your fitness (Ex: Cardio & Hypertrophy training)

*This is one of the best options for those who want the best of both worlds; cardio and weight training. This is also the best way to be effective in the gym and use your time wisely! No more stopping for 5 minutes to talk to your friends or take that gym selfie :)

WORKOUT: 3 sets, 30sec rest/ 25reps, 15reps, 8reps

1st SET 2nd SET 3rd SET

Lat pull downs (25 reps) (15 reps) (8 reps)

superset -cable rows (25 reps) (25 reps) (25 reps)

*30 sec rest after each set

1 min treadmill run or Body weight HITT exercise (ex: burpee)

Incline chest press

superset -push ups

*30 sec rest

1 min treadmill or HITT

Smith squats

superset -split squats each leg

*30 sec rest

1 min treadmill or HITT


superset -hip thrusts

*30 sec rest

1 min treadmill or HITT

Shoulder military press

superset -lateral raises

*30 sec rest

1 min treadmill or HITT

Dumbbell bicep curls

superset -tricep pulldowns

*30 sec rest

1 min treadmill or HITT

Oblique twists 30 reps

V crunches 30 reps

Laying leg raises 30 reps

Plank 1 min

1 min treadmill or HITT

*Another option is to leave the cardio intervals for the end of your weight training session.


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